Born March 26 1974, Hady B. is a Lebanese painter, sculptor and tattoo artist, formally trained as a Graphic Designer at the American University of Beirut[1]. He currently operates out of his seaside studio in Beirut, Lebanon.

First and foremost, Hady is an artist; his goal, “to illustrate philosophy by giving form and color to abstract ideas” is manifest through his trademark style of contrasting passion and turmoil that is well known and immediately recognizable in the region. His infamy is derived from popularizing the tattoo as an art form in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. Subsequently, Hady has tattooed over 12,000 people, including mid-east royalty, during his tenure. Furthermore, his list of accomplishments also includes multiple corporate branding projects for local, regional and international businesses, including the design and execution of the largest hand-painted canvas in the region[2]. Moreover, he has been featured in multiple publications, magazines[3], and local and international interviews[4].

Most spectacular, is Hady’s direct element, a strategic belief that “art is best shared when performed live.” This principle compels Hady to be a performing artist that strives to share the creative process with his audience; Painting large canvasses in front of live crowds during music or corporate events has brought his work and notoriety to a broad and diverse group of spectators.

His way of expression now expands beyond the canvas of skin and onto sculpture, furniture design, paint, and digital media. His methodology utilizes artistic manipulation of everyday consumer items as a means to communicate a shocking message to today’s consumer consumed world. This evolution in spirit, put forth in his current work, sets new precedent and is definitely not to be missed.

[1] AUB – Department of Architecture & Graphic Design (class of 1996)

[2] William Lawson (NYE 2000) 15m x 10m

[3] Air Brush Action (Dec 2009), International Tattoo (June 2001)

[4] Over 60+ interviews (https://hadybeydoun.com/about/interviews)